Meet Robert “Jason” Vaillancourt

I’m Robert “Jason” Vaillancourt and I’m running to be your representative for New Mexico House District 28.

Our Mission

We at Team Vaillancourt genuinely believe what New Mexico needs is new leadership. We know that we can be the start of a better New Mexico, by advocating for the idea of the Four Key Institutions in society, (Community, Education, Principled Business, and Government) and what their proper role is in our lives, and why. We have let Government grow outside of its proper role, which diminishes the roles of the other Key Institutions. We have seen the positive effects of Community fulfilling its role. We know that Principled Business has a critical role in effecting positive change, and better outcomes in our communities. Let’s get them back involved! 

Policy Positions

Economic Freedom: Each year the Frazier Institute grades States, Territories and Provinces on what is called the Economic Freedom Index. Each year New Mexico remains at the bottom of the list. This makes no sense given who New Mexicans are by nature. We are an industrious, entrepreneurial, hardworking, and intelligent people. New Mexicans love to be in business for themselves! We continue to come up with great new companies, despite the barriers that are currently keeping us from truly thriving as a community and as a State . Business owners, are stifled in comparison to our neighboring states in the form of licenses, regulations, and the myriad of taxes that they incur just trying to be in business in the State of New Mexico. Let’s work together to remove some of these barriers to financial freedom. Let our state prosper with innovation and ingenuity. This is how we start to move from the bottom of the Economic Freedom list, and how we create a society of mutual benefit where everyone can succeed, not just a small few.

Crime: Our district and our communities throughout New Mexico are ravished by crime. From petty crimes like vagrancy and panhandling, to much more serious and violent crimes like auto theft, assaults and murder. We have to understand that part of our crime problem is a culture of dependency that starts with the Government, and transcends to our people and their dependency on chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and alcohol. This is going to take serious work on the criminal justice front, law enforcement front, and on the community front. We have a responsibility as parents, neighbors, citizens, to help create the culture we want to see. We can make policy changes both at the local and the state level that can help mitigate some of our crime, but ultimately, we as a community must recognize the long hard work it is going to take in order to change these outcomes. 

Education: needs to be viewed from a different lens. Instead of thinking of Education as Early Ed, or K-12, or Higher Ed, we need to remind our society that Education is about lifelong learning. Education is not just about brick and mortar buildings, money, and our children, it’s about all of us, teaching, learning, and advocating all forms of choice for education and learning. This means not only Charter Schools and Private Schools having equal footing in the Education game, but means we start talking about trade schools, specialized skills schools, and creating new arenas in which our diverse community can be educated in any field of interest or need. We tend to think Money and Government will solve our education problems, when we all know that bettering our community begins with us. How we choose to educate the people of our community should always be in our hands and not the hands of people at the State or the Federal Government.

Will you #BeTheChangeNM?

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This is New Mexico’s 28th House District.


As of the 2010 census, a total of 29,804 New Mexicans reside within our district.